Thank you for considering Event Registrations

If you would like assistance to help in the registration of your events, we can help!

We can add a [Would you like to register form] on your CMN event page. In your advertising you can direct people to your event page on the CMN website in order to register.

Check out the sample online registration below before you fill out the event form.


If you do fill the event form now to get the process started, choose the [YES, but my brochure isn’t ready yet. I’ll have to send it to you to add later.] option. You can update your brochure to give the url of your event page for online registration. We can add your brochure later. Easy enough!

Your event is special so the registration page will be designed and adapted to reflect that. The registration form could look something the one below. Try filling it in for yourself. Try all the buttons. Pretend you are registering for workshops even though your event has none. We’ll change that. When you hit submit you will receive an email as if you were a registering person AND as if you are the organiser/registrar. Later we can add your registrar’s email address so s/he will receive them as well or instead of you.

The email* you receive as an organiser/registrar can be printed as is. It can be placed in, for example, a clear plastic file/welcome pack ready for the event.

* Note:

  • We are not able to help you collect monies via a PayPal or credit card facility at this stage. This feature is under development.
  • In time, the resultant email to participants/registrar will be a PDF rather than an email. This feature is under development.
  • There is no charge for this service at the moment. What we do ask in lou of a charge is that you promote our CMN website and its services in your email footers, newsletters, denominational eNewsletters and/or on your website. You will be added to our eNews mailing list. Thank you!

So, check out the sample registration form below. Please fill it in as if you are a registering participant. Hit [Submit]

And, if you like this process or if you have constructive feedback to add to an online registration process for you, then please copy and paste the sections of the sample form where you would like to make changes. Clearly mark those changes, clearly mark a section for deletion or ask for a new field to be added. Submit them in an email to who will endeavour to meet your needs within 2 working days. Or email Phil with queries.