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CMN Connect explained

Did you know that there are many thousands of ‘labourers’ in our country and region faithfully serving the needs of children and families in the communities where God has called each of them? Because you are not alone, this website is an opportunity for you to connect with your fellow workers who are experiencing the same joys, struggles and challenges. Together we can achieve much for the Kingdom.

So why not sign up today – right now? – and benefit from the connections you are going to make.

If you are not a regular user of social websites, click on to follow the step-by-step instructions for joining. You may read these instructions

Glossery of terms:

Groups: Create your own group and invite members to register or join an existing group of members. Groups may be set up around a location (e.g. Bendigo CMN), a denomination (e.g. NSW Anglican kids’ workers), a conference (e.g. Advanced Play Dough Convention), and so on…

Forums: Are you looking for the answer to a question, or need an idea, or wanting a resource, or ….? Post it on a new Forum and watch the responses as your fellow workers post their suggestions. At the same time, check out the other Forum topics to see if you can contribute from your experience and expertise.

Blogs: Do you have a creative idea, ministry strategy, theological reflection on families, etc that you want to raise so as to start a conversation? Start a blog so as to gather different perspectives from your fellow workers. At the same time, check out the other Blog topics and join the conversations.

The real effectiveness of CMN Connect will be if WE make it work.

What can you contribute today?

Sign-up Steps

Look for the [Sign-Up Steps] button on the website OR keep this page open to follow the steps below.

Starting a profile and log-in of your own.

A. Using Facebook

1. Make sure you are logged on to your facebook account

2. Navigate to

3. Click on the image [Connect with facebook]

4. Confirm you are happy for Facebook to supply information.

5. Go to the top righthand corner where it says ‘Howdy, [your name]. Hover over this and choose [Edit my profile] to add info and adjust privacy & notification settings.

B. Starting from scratch

1. Navigate to

2. Find and click the blue  [Sign up] button in the top right hand corner.

3. Fill in the at least the minimum required details.

4. Change any of the [This field can be seen by: Logged In Users Change] (click on the ‘change’ to alter privacy settings)

5. Complete the [Are you a human?] test

6. Click on [Complete Sign up]

That’s it! It’s that simple!

Explore and contribute.

Need help?

If you have questions go to the [help & support] in the menu bar at the top  right. If your answer isn’t there, contact web support with the contact form supplied.