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Post Guidelines and Policy regarding posting on cmm.org.au

General Guidelines

  • Those using the forms on this website are strongly encouraged to edit any text for each form field in a text editor and have it checked for spelling and grammar before cutting and pasting to any form on this site.
  • Moderation of posts does not include fact checking or basic editing. This is the responsibility of those creating the post.
  • We cannot guarantee we will be able to adjust any mistakes. Better to start again and request the web manager to delete the old one.
  • If this is the case, please use the contact details here>


General Policy

  • We reserve the right to remove any posts that are deemed to be outside the values and purview of the Children’s Ministry Network. 
  • We reserve the right to make minor edits to your submission. 
  • Notification will not be made with regard to either of the above changes. 


Additional information for Trainers/Presenters/Artists:

Each person or group making a submission for listing on the cmm website as a trainer/presenter/artist will need to:

  • have read and agreed to the CMN Post Guidelines & Policy. 
  • provide contact details for two ‘referees’ who can provide endorsement. State-level cmn members considered to be the best referees if that is possible.
  • provide details of a previous venue &/or event to support your application on request and if required 
  • be willing to reference the cmn.org.au website on their website.


Post Discalimer:

The post content supplied by a third party that has been posted on the CMN website by the CMN moderator is done so in good faith that the information contained in the post is both appropriate and accurate at the time of posting. CMN cannot guarantee this however and can take no responsibility for this.


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