Children’s Ministry Networks are an opportunity for leaders in denominational and organisational roles in children’s and families ministry to:

  • Hear about each other’s ministries
  • Work together on projects, local conferences and training
  • Support one another and pray together
  • Share resources

There are existing CMNs in most states and territories in Australia (with possibilities for new networks). Each has core leadership team and/or chair who takes responsibility for facilitating network meetings – usually once per term.

Make contact with one of the existing networks to explore more…

Grow (ACT)


Youth & Children’s Ministry Training, for everyone who is involved in ministry to young people, whether you are just starting out volunteering through to a paid ministry leader.

Intergenerate Australia / NZ


Explore A Gospel For All Ages with David Csinos and Tammy Preston as they tour Australia and New Zealand

Rachel Turner Tour


Rachel Turner (Parenting for Faith, author of It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent) will be touring many parts of Australia

Leaders to go


A national biennial children and family ministry leadership conference and network which serves paid or voluntary leaders-of-leaders



Australia’s largest children, youth and family ministry conference, in hubs right around the country