Children’s Ministry Networks are an opportunity for leaders in denominational and organisational roles in children’s and families ministry to meet together, share resources (that they’ve come across or written themselves), to hear about each other’s ministries and support one another, pray together, and to have the opportunity to work together on projects, local conferences and training.

There are existing CMNs in most states and territories in Australia, and always a possibility for new networks. Each has core leadership team and/or chair who take responsibility for calling network meetings – usually once per term, with refreshments, during the work day that suits most of those who attend. The options and potentials beyond this are wide open!

Make contact with one of the existing networks to explore more…

Intergenerate Australia / NZ


Day conference with Dave Csinos, in Christchurch, Auckland, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney (7 – 24 Aug)

Rachel Turner Tour


Rachel Turner (Parenting for Faith, author of It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent) will be touring many parts of Australia (31 Aug – 19 Sep)

Leaders to go


A national biennial children and family ministry leadership conference and network which serves paid or voluntary leaders-of-leaders (7 – 10 Sep)



Australia’s largest children, youth and family ministry conference, in hubs right around the country